You may cancel your service up to 48 hours ahead of time for a full refund. If cancellation is made 24 hours or less in advance, you will receive a partial refund.

Gates and Animals

If we are unable to perform a service because a gate is locked, access is blocked, pets are in the yard, or pet waste is not picked up, there is a rescheduling fee of $45. There is no refund if we cannot access any part of the yard due to the issues listed. We absolutely love dogs, but Nature's Carpet Lawn & Sprinkler is not responsible for pets in the yard and please ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK YOUR GATES BEFORE LETTING YOUR PETS OUT!!!

Stairs / Steep Hills

As a general rule, we will not go up or down multiple steps or very steep inclines. This is to prevent damage to your property, our staff, and our equipment. If there is an area of your yard with such features, please notify us ahead of time so we can evaluate it via email. If we are not able to complete services and we were not notified prior, we may not be able to add any discounts and will not refund.


Please mark interior sprinkler heads if you are receiving aeration, we stay 8 inches away from the perimeter, so there is no need to mark those heads. When marking the sprinkler heads, you should use landscaping flags, plastic forks, a large pot or pan, anything that will draw attention to the area. Rocks or other natural objects blend in and do not alert the technician. Nature's Carpet Lawn & Sprinkler are not responsible for unmarked heads. Aerators are heavy 300-400lbs. We are careful to prevent any damage, but sometimes flagstones and pavers crack under the weight of the machine. *

Sprinkler System/Irrigation

It is important for you to do your due diligence as a homeowner or renter and check your sprinkler system and basement valves frequently. Sometimes drips, leaks, or cracks do not present themselves while the technician is at your home and can occur well after your system has been up and running.

Sprinkler Start-Up

Up to 45 Minutes of Work. During this time, our Technician will:

  • Turn on the water to the irrigation system
  • Check sprinklers for proper coverage
  • Adjust sprinklers as necessary
  • Set Timer Box for spring, if access to Timer is available
  • Check Sprinkler System for problems and repair if authorized by the homeowner. (Note: If repair is major or there is not enough time, our Technician will get your repair scheduled for the next available sprinkler repair day).
  • Systems that require more than 45 minutes to check out will require a more intensive "sprinkler diagnosis" appointment, likely on a different day.

Note: in instances where it is determined that major repairs are required, it may be necessary to reschedule the additional repairs. In those instances, the customer will still be charged for work performed at the Start-Up.

Start-Up Service does not include parts or repairs.

Sprinkler Start-Ups, Full Service Sprinkler Blowouts, and certain repair jobs are the only appointments we assign time windows. If you require a time window for other appointments, there is a $45 fee.

We will give you an AM (approx 8am - 1pm) or PM (approx 12pm - 5pm) window of time. The technicians will also text you about 30 min before their arrival. All other appointments will be between approximately 7 am - 6 pm; you will receive a text about 30 min before their arrival; no one is required to be home for these services.


If we find your system is in need of a repair that prevents us from performing the sprinkler blowout or Start-Up, your appointment fee will not be refunded. We will try to identify the repair while at your property and promptly send a quote. If you choose to have us complete the repair, we will complete the Start-Up or blowout at the same time. If you choose to have someone else do the repair and want us to return, there is a $45 fee.

If your system is in need of repair after a sprinkler blowout, it is likely a faulty basement valve.

Prior to Blow Out

  1. MAKE SURE YOUR VALVE BOXES ARE VISIBLE - These are boxes in the ground with green lids. If you can't find them, we can't find them. We will need access to the timer if this is the case, either from a garage door or garage code.
  2. Shut off your basement valve.
  3. Please remove any covers on the backflow, and if you have opened any outside drains, close them before the tech arrives.
  4. If you know there is damage to your copper pipes or backflow, let the office know.
  5. If there is damage and we are unable to do the blowout because of it, you will receive an emailed quote for the repair. If you choose to do the repairs yourself, there will be a $45 revisit fee.

Post Blow Out

You must double-check your basement drain after your sprinkler blowout has been completed.

  2. Remove the drain cap and get out any residual water
  3. Leave the drain cap off overnight with a bucket under it. If it is still dripping the following morning, it means you have a bad basement valve that needs to be replaced. Call 303.722.1193 for repairs.
  4. If it is not dripping, put the cap back on and check it periodically during the winter.
  5. Leave sprinkler timer plugged in, but switch to "Off" * Weather can affect us any time of the year. In most circumstances, we try to work through the weather, but if it becomes severe or dangerous, we will call to reschedule; you will then be put on the next available day in your area.

Thanks for reading; we understand that was long. You're a champ!

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